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How To Choose A Temporary Care Staff Agency

Temporary Care Staff

There are a variety of uses for care staff, being such a vast industry with many niches and needs. From aiding the elderly, to providing care for those with disabilities and handicaps, temporary care staff assure that clients receive staff in these specific areas, usually on shorter notice, or in case of emergencies.

What Agencies Offer

The flexibility that temporary care staff offer can be essential when dealing with permanent staff’s planned cover, such as holidays, meetings and other events. Not only planned, but also unplanned absences, such as, illnesses, injuries and emergencies. The flexibility of these services also becomes apparent in situations that may require more staff for specific days, or an influx of those in need of service, putting a strain on current staff. Temporary staff are usually fully briefed on the service they’ll be providing, as well as the nature of the particular job and those they’ll be caring for.

Who Needs Care And Why?

With the rate of elderly taking residential care increasing at a steep rate, increasing by 40% between the years of 2004 and 2017 in the UK alone. It is essential that the number of carers within the industry also increases, to uphold the rate at which those in need of care grows. Disabled people are also a large factor for those in need of care, with studies showing that only 17% of those with a disability are born with it, the rest acquire their disability later in life. This includes over two million individuals with sight issues in the UK and over 10 million with some form of hearing loss.

What Piccole Cose Care Promote

The benefits of choosing Piccole Cose Care are apparent within the industry. We ensure that all temporary work staff are fully trained for the matter at hand, as well as having previous experience. We aim to distribute the same temporary workers for recurring roles, to ensure a stronger bond between carers and those in need of care, shortening introduction times to specific buildings and other working environments. Our temporary work staff are rigorously vetted, for secure safeguarding requirements. All training required for our temporary work staff will be provided. We also aim to apply temporary staff to local based jobs, to ensure quicker travel times in case of emergencies, as well as having knowledge of the local area.

Why Choose Piccole Cose Care?

Simply put, Piccole Cose Care is a service provider, for those who provide a service. We understand what it takes to uphold an excellent form of service and appreciate what it takes to do so. With shortages of clinical staff being at an all time high, we encourage our staff to go the extra mile to provide the caring service we advertise.

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