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How To Fill Temporary Care Home Shifts - Temporary Care Staff

Temporary or stand-in nurse and carer shifts are a necessity to keep your care home running, but sometimes it’s hard to fill those shifts on short notice. Especially with shortages of nursing and care staff across the board, as a care home you have to work hard to make yourself into a pleasant workplace that staff want to return to again.

If a nurse or carer feels that they have had a successful shift, there is a greater chance of them wanting to return to your care home or to start a more long term working relationship. Knowing what they see as important during their shifts, will help you make the necessary decisions that will help to fill your care home shifts successfully.

If you’re seeking aid in the form of temporary care, be sure to contact our friendly team, here at Piccole Cose Care. We provide temporary care staff with full training and plenty of experience to provide a quality experience.

Aiding your temporary care staff with details, instructions and handouts

Carers and nurses will likely return to homes where they feel that the working conditions don’t put the residents or staff at risk. When a handover is detailed, a nurse or carer can do their job to the best of their ability, and be able to respond with efficiency in the case of an emergency. Especially in the case of a temporary worker, these detailed instructions and notes are important to make sure that no one is at risk.

Solidified Timesheets

Approve time sheets quickly, so your staff get paid quickly as well. Care homes that fall behind on their paydays and time sheets might not be a first choice for carers and nurses if they feel annoyed by the inconsistency. What’s more, getting a bad reputation for not paying staff on time can hinder future hires as well.

Booking shifts in advance

Keeping your schedule organised is hard enough for people who work regular 9 to 5 jobs. Now imagine juggling day and night shifts, as well as multiple locations. This is why nurses and carers prefer to book their shifts in advance. It allows for them to keep their shifts organised in line with their personal lives, and it also helps to track their income. Nurses prefer to book shifts days in advance – it helps keep their shift patterns organised and track their income accurately.

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